Master 15 Races


A series of races of fifteen Sega Master System games each.


Anyone can race. Some games may be tougher than others for blind players. Please ask if you plan on playing purely blind and we'll let you know of the major gotchas.


Master 15 #3



The race will take place on SpeedRunsLive and will require a registered SRL account.

A restream will be live on the SpeedGaming twitch channel.

If you want to discuss the race, you can join the #master-15 channel on Discord


There are many options for how to play. A ROMset will be provided


We were inspired by the Big20 races put on by our friends at Best of NES and want to promote Master System games in the community. Mostly we just want to have a good time and learn some speedruns.


You can also follow the Sega Speedruns Twitter account

Master 15 #3


GameGoalLast Split / RulesResources
Transbot (aka Nuclear Creature, Astro Flash)One loop (2 levels).Ends after boss kill. Destroy "mines" to get to level 2Tutorial
Enduro Racer (US/Europe)Beat the gameEnds at loss of control Tutorial
Penguin LandBeat rounds 1, 2, and 3. Egg successfully lands in goal. Level select allowed after game over.
AladdinBeat the gameLast hit on final boss
Rambo (aka Secret Command[o], Ashura)Beat Round 1Ends after walking through gate.
E-SwatBeat the gameLast hit on final boss Tutorial
Golden AxeBeat Round 3Ends on fadeout after killing knight. Tutorial
Fantasy Zone: The MazeBeat Plaleaf, Tabas, La DuneMust play bonus games. Level select available immediately
Pro WrestlingBeat 1 matchEnds after win screen
Legend of Illusion starring Mickey MouseBeat the gameEnds at last hit on King Pete
Alex Kidd: The Lost StarsBeat stage 7Ends at loss of control
Taz-ManiaBeat the gameEnds at loss of control
Ghouls 'n GhostsBeat Loop 1Ends at door entry after Beelzebub
Bonanza Bros.Beat Round 8Player: 5, Time: 6 Minutes, Continue: 4
Sonic ChaosBeat the game as SonicEnds when Robotnik lands on his platform, and changes his sprite animation to smile.

LiveSplit file

Master 15 #2


GameGoalLast Split / Rules
Astro Warrior or Sapo Xule: SOS Lagoa PoluidaOne loop (3 levels).Ends after 3rd boss kill
Out RunBeat the game (any ending)Ends at loss of control
Bubble BobbleBeat level 30All enemies killed on level 30
X-Men: Mojo WorldBeat the gameLast hit on final boss
Time SoldiersRescue 2 warriorsLast hit on second boss
RastanBeat Round 4Last hit on round 4 boss
Streets of RageBeat Round 4 Screen fade-out
Fantasy Zone IIBeat Round 3Last hit on 3rd boss
Great GolfStrokin' 9 holesIn the hole
Land of Illusion starring Mickey MouseBeat Palace RuinsLast hit on Rock Boss
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Beat Aqua Lake ZoneLast hit on seal boss
Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap or Turma da Monica em o ResgateBeat Zombie DragonLast hit on Zombie Dragon
AsterixBeat 4-3Fade out at the end of 4-3
Dynamite DuxBeat the gameLast hit on final boss
Alex Kidd in Shinobi WorldBeat the gameLast hit on final boss

LiveSplit file

Master 15 #1


Teddy BoyBeat Round 5Ends when round 6 starts
Hang-onBeat Course 1Ends on Congratulations screen (1 loop)
ColumnsNormal, 300 BlocksEnds when you get 300 blocks. Choose any level (0-9).
Psycho FoxBeat the game (Warps) OR beat 2-3 (Warpless)Ends at round-end after 7-3 or 2-3 boss.
MercsBeat the gameEnds when you enter the plane
Wonder BoyBeat Area 2 Round 4Ends when you lose control after 2-4 boss
Double DragonBeat Mission 3 Ends on Mission 3 complete
Fantasy ZoneBeat Round 4Ends when round 5 starts
Heavyweight Champ/James Buster DouglasBeat Match 3Ends with [T]KO of M. Williams on Match 3
Castle of IllusionBeat the game (Normal)Ends when Witch hits floor
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldBeat Stone-head in the castleEnds when you touch the Onigiri (Riceball)
Sonic the HedgehogBeat Jungle Zone Act 3Ends after saving animals after Jungle Zone Act 3
Master of DarknessBeat the gameEnds on last hit on dracula
Ninja GaidenBeat the gameEnds on last hit of the 2nd boss in Chapter 8
YsBeat the gameEnds when credits start scrolling. Mirror glitch greatly encouraged. Attempting this blind is probably a very bad idea

LiveSplit file